You are eternally my "diamond" metaphorically for your brilliance. Thank you for your "clarity" your many "facets" and your undeniable propensity to stand strong, "firm" on your belief that a woman's body should remain intact. I know that without your medical expertise with 35-37 fibroids under anyone else's care I would have been a prime candidate for a hysterectomy. You are truly in a class by yourself and for that I am thankful. Thanks to your surgical team and your "wonderful" staff on Madison Avenue. I am forever grateful, thankful and elated.



As an overly-protective mother, I shall be eternally grateful to you for the care, concern and compassion that you bestowed on Michelle before, during and after her surgery. In spite of the fear and doubt that lurked in the recesses of my mind, it is now obvious to me that you are a physician-surgeon with extraordinary expertise, dedication, patience and pride in what you do. May god forever bless you and may he continue to guide your "gifted hands". Sincerely, Edna



Your thoughtfulness has a way of touching lives...of making days a little brighter, hearts a little happier and problems seem a whole lot smaller. It's people like you who make the difference in this world. And though you may not hear it often, you are appreciated very much. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Not a day goes by, Dr. West, that I do not think of you and feel so very grateful for what you've done for me. You are the kindest, nicest, most caring person and doctor I have ever known. Good thoughts and memories of you will stay with me for the rest of my life. I love the person you are.



Dear Dr. West, I'm writing this note to you to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for what you've done for me. It has only been two weeks since my myomectomy, but I'm already seeing such positive signs in how I feel (no more pain in my back). Thank you for your gentle nature and calm way which instantly put me at ease. I'm so glad I found a doctor like you, one who is genuinely caring. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Also, many thanks to your kind staff!


New York

Dear Dr. West, It is hard to believe that it has been four months since my surgery. I am doing very well, and have you to thank for that. Thank you! For the first time in approximately 25 years, my period and all of the complications of it are no longer controlling my life. A few days after I came home from the hospital, I gathered up all of my feminine hygiene products and gace them to my stepdaughter. I laughed; she rolled her eyes. I no longer take Advil for 20 days per month. I no longer have horrific pain for 20 days per month. I never left home without replenishing my pill case; heaven forbid I did not have enough on hand. The pill case is still in my purse, but it is there in case somebody asks "Do you have any asprin or Advil on you?" I am still in shock when I think about how diseased I was with Endometriosis. I am still angry with my previous doctor for ignoring and discounting my symptoms and pain. I am reduced to tears just typing this, but that is something I am putting behind me. Again, thank you from my heart for hearing me.

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