Patty Cortez

Fair Lawn, NJ

I was diagnosed with fibroids 2002 and had a myomectomy with the wonderful Dr. West. I am still fibroid free and all my symptoms are gone. The surgery was pain free, recovery was easy, and there were no surprises. Doctor West is a man who truly loves women and cares about their bodies. I was told by so many doctors to get a hysterectomy but I was led by my instincts and quite by accident found and read his book. It was my destiny to keep my uterus and continue to enjoy a healthy sex life. I love Doctor West and hope he is training others to carry on his good work for the benefit of every American woman.

I often think about his face when I came to from the surgery: he was smiling, happy, and helped me up to walk around with him throughout the hallways of Saint Vincent Hospital. I cannot say enough good things about this man who saved my uterus!


New Jersey

I was diagnosed a second time, with fibroids. I was told that they were all removed but within 16 months of the myomectomy, they had returned. I did not realize that there was a very strong possibility that they were never all removed during that first surgery, which would explain how they returned so quickly. After being diagnosed a second time, I was fearful and did not want to physically go through another surgery. So I decided to take my OBGYN's advice and leave them alone if they were not bothering me. I left them alone for 5 years and for the first two years, they seemed to be fine, but then the next 3 years, they grew rapidly and by the time I decided to pay attention, (which was in March of 2011),they were so large that my doctor was comparing my uterus to the size of a 39 week fetus. Full term would be 40 weeks! Fortunately, during these three years, I did not have many of the symptoms that most women have. No excessive bleeding or pain. I just ex!

perienced pressure in the abdomen and the unsightly large size of my stomache. I also would find out that the hypertension and hair thinning were related, but did not find this out until after my second surgery with Dr. West. I had to spiritually prepare myself to go through all of this again and I was so angry at the fibroids having returned, that I was just going to give in to having a hysterectomy. I didn't even have a clue of what the disadvantages were, but I did know that many women had had it and it would solve my problem of being malformed or severly disfigured, as my OBGYN would put it.

Well, long story short, divine intervention through my Pastor would enlighten me and then introduce me to Dr. West. My consultation was timefilled, straightforward, reassuring, and educational. When I left, I knew more about my problem and was able to make a decision about what type of surgery I needed. Dr. West informed me that hysterectomy was not an option that he offered his patients and then listed the others that he recommended for my case.

On June 29, 2011 I had the surgery. I had almost no pain and by the second day, Dr. West got me out of bed and walked me around the hospital floor. I went home 2 days after the surgery and the next week I went to the beach to bask in the sun and reflect on the decision I had made to improve my quality of life. I thanked God. My recovery was speedy and there were no complications. I am very pleased at the progress of my healing. The scar is healing nicely and I have a flat stomache! I also lost 16lbs of weight! My blood pressure is down and my hair is beginning to thicken up and grow! No doctor would confirm these areas of healing that I am experiencing as being a result of the surgery. But I am witness to the positive changes I see in my body each day as the weeks pass. In my case, I know that the fibroids were silently killing me due to their extreme size!

I am very pleased that I made Dr. West my choice for a surgeon. He was professional and very confident about his field of expertise. He told me things that would and would not happen and as he said, they were! He even called to check on me during my recovery at home. His beside manner during my office visits was exceptional. Definitely hard to find in this day and age.

It is seven weeks after my suregery and I am doing so well. I am going on about the things of life as Dr. West always advised from the start. I look good and feel great! I want to personally thank Sandra, his secretary, for her outstanding hospitality and management of my case as it pertains to our office business. Cordial, professional and organized are a few of the words I will use to describe her. Would I recommend Dr. West to someone else? MOST DEFINITELY! I also recommend that you read his book. A Powerful tool for educating yourself about fibroids. Thank you Dr. West, you are certainly my hero and I will never forget what you have done to help women, especially me. God Bless you!

Priscilla Coquillon

Montclair, New Jersey

My experience has been wonderful with Dr.Stanley West from the beginning. I have been doing my research on Fibroids. Since the day I found out that I was diagnosed with fibroids three and a half years ago. I had to dealt with fear and frustration of not really knowing how to deal and live with fibroids. My past OB/GYN just said to me. " A lot of women live with fibroids, lets do the wait and see approach, and you should go and have your child".

For me that was the scariest thing, I have ever heard apart from having a hystorectomy. How was I suppose to trust my body to carry a child full-term with fibroids. I don't know the location of the fibroids in my uterus and what potential harm they may cause me and a fetus. At the time, I was diagnosed with three small fibroids the size of a quarter and two coins.

So, I went about my life, work, marriage and trying to conceive!. As the years, rolled by, I never was able to conceive until January of last year 2010. I did finally get pregnant. But unfortunetely as soon as it happened, my happiness was short lived. I then had a miscarriage. I knew, I was in trouble and these fibroids were becoming a real problem. The source of my unhappiness in so many different levels.

I learned that, if my previous OB/GYN had just given me the advise of taking the fibroids out. I would have suffered needlessly. With the miscarriage, I bled for 25 days, as the months continued my periods became more intense. From my regular five day periods it then went to seven, ten or twelve day periods.

My symptoms were: Severe heavy bleeding lasting for two to four days. I had severe back pains, chronic fatigue, severe migraines, hormone imbalance, pressure in my lower abdomen, started feeling pains on my pelvis, my bladder was pressured, and strange sensations of pain in my lower abdomen from time to time, even without my period.

After each period, I always wondered was this period going to be my last, because I bleed soo much. I felt my life would be very short, if I did not get rid of these fibroids.

During my research, my goal was not to get rid of my uterus, I came across a lot of other options, such as Myomectomy and Focused Ultrasound. Focused Ultrasound was not an option for me, due to my numerous fibroids. And Hysterectomy was definetely not even considered an option at all. I traveled to go get tested, had an MRI done. After, the MRI examination, I then learned that I was newly diagnosed with several fibroids apart from the three that I originally had. From the time I was diagnosed 3 and 1/2 years ago.<

My Uterus is precious to me, especially when I want to have a child. So, fortunetely through prayer and persistance. I found Dr. West. As soon as I called to inquire about information, I was surprised of the quick response to come in for a consultation.

After, speaking with Dr. West and showing him, my MRI. He showed me where my fibroids were located in my uterus, how the procedure for surgery would take place, and especially that he did not believe in "Hysterectomies". I said to myself "God has answered my prayers". Upon my initial conversation with Dr. West, I immediately felt relieved. He was so calm, confident and reassuring! He is an exceptional Doctor, one who truly believes in the wellfare of he's patients.

A month later after my consultation, I had my surgery. Before and after my surgery I always felt safe and reassured that everything will be fine by Dr. West and he's staff. I was surprised to find out after surgery, that 18 fibroids were removed from my uterus and one in each filopian tube the size of a walnut. The three biggest fibroids were the size of: First one the size of a baby's head. Next sizes: were the size of two lemons, the rest of them were small one's.

During 3 1/2 years the three major fibroids have grown from a quarter size to the size of a baby's head, the coin size ones to the size of lemons. Imagine that!!!

My recovery was wonderful, I got up to go to the restroom a few hours after surgery, I even started to walk down the hallway of the hospital. My pain was very minimal, never required strong (prescription strength) pain medication, my scar is barely visible.

Thanks to Dr. West expertise and dedication to this cause of educating women that hysterectomy is not the only answer. I am truly grateful to him. It's now, been a month since my surgery, I feel great, my energy level is back to normal, no more back pains, I am completely healed, and I am improving daily in my normal activities such as exercise, working and running errands.

I feel great having had the surgery. Best decision, I have ever made in my life in choosing Dr. West as my surgeon. He is amazing! I call him my hero and angel in disguise. He was patient with me and all my questions and has made himself avaiable throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a skilled doctor who truly has your best interest in mind, you don't have to look any further. Dr. West is experienced, confident that a hysterectomy is not needed, and you can protect and keep your uterus and other female organs intact. I am happy to speak with any one who has questions about Dr. West, the procedure and my experience. Before, making any decision reguarding your health and body. Please read his book.


Los Angeles, CA

Dr. West has changed my life! About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. The first Ob/Gyn I saw said I had many and did not recommend a myomectomy, but to just keep them if I wanted to have children. Within the first year, my period just got heavier and heavier and started to come every two weeks, which I knew was not good and was so life altering. I was very anemic and extremely tired all the time. I was put on birth control pills and that seemed to help with putting my period back on a normal monthly schedule, but it was still very heavy and lasted too long. I then sought treatment from another Ob/Gyn, she would not recommend a myomectomy until I saw a fertility specialist. Then I remembered a friend had told me about Dr. West, she had also sent me his book, 'The Hysterectomy Hoax". She raved about her experience with Dr. West! I re-started reading the book and decided to call his office. My friend was going to be at a conference in New Jersey and offered to let me stay with her, to come out to have a consultation with Dr. West. By now, the birth control pills were no longer working and my periods were getting heavier, lasting longer and back to coming every two weeks. I called and made an appointment to see Dr. West. About a week later I called back to speak with him. Upon my initial conversation with Dr. West, I immediately felt relieved. He was so calm, confident and reassuring! He then made me an offer I could not refuse. He knew I was coming clear across the country to meet him and offered to do my surgery; the same week I had scheduled the consultation. He was the first doctor, who did not imply I needed to live with the fibroids if I wanted to have children. I sent him all the ultrasounds and blood work I had done. Since my iron was very low, he put me on an iron regimen, to increase my iron levels, so I'd be ready for surgery. Just the thought of resuming a normal life, was exciting! Dr. West briefed me on the procedure and I was on my way to N.Y.! In one of our many conversations, he told me I would not experience a lot of pain after the procedure. I was surprised, because having an appendicitis over ten years ago, I remembered being in a lot of pain, but he assured me, due to how he has perfected his procedure, I would not have that same experience. He was right!!! Dr. West removed 40 fibroids, mostly small and one large one. One of the attending physicians came to see me while I was in the recovery room and told me, my one large fibroid, was the size of his fist and now my uterus, was the smaller then the size of his fist and back to its normal size. He himself seemed amazed. I flew home a few days later. I went to see my Ob/Gyn for post-operative care and she was amazed at how well I looked and was able to get around. She said, "You don't look like a woman who just had surgery 9 days ago". I know everyone's recovery time is not the same, but I was able to return to work 12 days after my surgery, with NO problems! I have since told 3 other women about Dr. West, so that they know hysterectomy or just living with fibroids are not their ONLY options! I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Dr. West and have him perform my surgery. My life is now back to normal two months after my surgery and I have thanked God for Dr. West, many days since. I would also like to add that Sondra, Dr. West’s office assistant is a great asset to his office, was always kind and patient and did a great job, in making sure everything was in place and taken care of before I ventured across the country. Thank you Dr West and may God continue to bless you and allow you to be a blessing to others!!!

Alicia L. Webb

Brooklyn, NY

I'll start off by saying, Dr. Stanley West is the best Doctor in the whole wide world! First of all, he has a genuine aura and he was very comforting. His bedside manner made me realize that on the very first visit I would trust him with surgery on my huge fibroids. He was the only Docotr that I went to who did not suggest having a hysterectomy. He felt how I felt about saving my uterus. He does not even perform hysterectomies and when I went in his office and saw several happy women thanking him it gave me a good feeling, a sense of peace of mind and relief after dealing with so many other doctors. i had done research on the effects of having a hysterectomy and it just did not appeal to me. Every other doctor told me that since I was 50 years old and was perimenopause I did not need my uterus. That did not sit well with me. Well, my surgery was successful and I am recovering into the 2nd week. I am feeling better everyday and I stand by Dr. Stanley West. I would recommend him to all women who do not want to have a hysterectomy no matter what her age is. Don't believe the hype. You can save your uterus. Dr. West saved mine and in just 2 weeks I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I could continue but it might go into a book if I go on. He is truly a very valuable Doctor and I just hope that other doctors start to pay attention to women the way Dr. Stanley West has. Thank you so very much Dr. West. Sincerely, Alicia


New York, NY

Less than one year ago, Dr. West became my hero. I had one large fibroid and I went to one "big shot" Manhattan surgeon after another. They all told me the same thing: you are NOT a candidate for myomectomy and you need a hysterectomy. None of surgeons had the experience or confidence to perform the uterus saving operation I was seeking. Then I met Dr. West who reassured me that I could be fibroid-free and keep my uterus. The surgery went perfectly; I didn't take one pain med and I left the hospital after a one night stay. Immediately, all my bulk symptoms related to the fibroid disappeared and within a few weeks, I felt healed and strong. I am deeply appreciative of Dr. West's concern for his patient's comfort and wellbeing. He has revolutionized the surgery with this in mind. The morning after my surgery, the nurses saw me walking around the halls and said "You are a patient of Dr. West -- I can tell!!" They explained that the recovery time for Dr. West's patients is much shorter than that of the other surgeons in the hospital. As the nurses in the hospital like to say: West is BEST! I feel very lucky to have met this extraordinary man.

Patricia Pierozzi


Dr. West as you know I had my surgery on November 11, 2009 at St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC you with your amazing skill removed my 19 Fibroids. Every time I look at the photos I cannot believe how large the fibroids were—I know my case was not easy. However, the next day, I immediately felt better I did not take any pain meds and was up and walking …just as you said I would be and you were right. What I endured with you was not painful at all just a bit of tightness and some minor soreness. To see my stomach so much smaller was wonderful; to not feel that heaviness was a great relief. I could not believe the decrease in size so soon since I am very fit I can’t imagine I was carrying all that around for so many years. I stayed in NYC for a few days to enjoy the city and was fine walking around. I made sure to allow for adequate rest as well. I then flew back to Boston with no issues whatsoever. I started working out lightly after two weeks and felt improvement each day. I went right back to work and really felt fine. It is now the first of July I feel absolutely amazing—like a new person (no problem wearing a bikini either). My scar is barely visible and I know I am completely healed thanks to your skill. I would be more than delighted to discuss my case with any of your future patients…please feel free to give them my email or phone number for this purpose. I had called many of your patients before I had the surgery and it was very helpful in my decision. I wish surgeons would be more open and willing to your surgical technique which is quite different from the normal way of performing myomectomies. Living in Boston…you would think I could have found someone here…but NY was close enough for me…what a blessing you are. I love your confidence in your abilities as a surgeon and it was so wonderful that I did not have to wonder if I would wake up without my organs. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for your excellent skill and dedication and your true respect for women. I plan to come see you in NYC as I hope you will be my regular obgyn….no one else like you is out there.


Hainesport, N,J.

I was introduced to Dr. West by a friend and previous patient, who was totally pleased with her surgical experience. Immediately upon meeting Dr. West, I knew that my prayers had finally been answered, for he was kind and compassionate. At fifty years of age, Dr. West assured me that my female organs were worth saving, unlike four other doctors who consistently told me that I needed a hysterectomy. One doctor even tried to scare me by telling me that I had cancer. In fact, his mannerism were so rude, and obnoxious, that he even stated to me, "what are you going to do with it, you can't do nothing with it anyway." He was referring to my uterus. . . And this is the attitude that so many woman have been indoctrinated with.I left his office with tears streaming down my face, but I had a new determination and teneacity that as a woman I, and my female organs would not be deemed disposable, regardless of my age. That doctor even tried to use the medical reports to support his false claims of cancer. But, Dr. West's book made me aware of the erroneous tactics used to frighten women. Dr. West stood on his experience and expertise, and informed me that he did not believe, that I had cancer. Yet, he still took the necessary steps, and precautions at the time of my surgery, with the end results being NEGATIVE for cancer. After the surgery, I looked and felt great, family and friends could not believe that I had surgery just three days prior. I'm constantly sharing my experience with other women, because 15 years ago I was told in reference to my fibroids, "if they don't bother us, we don't bother them." So, what happens when years later, they become a problem,? By that time most doctors will only recommend a hysterectomy. As a woman, I felt as though I had been violated. In his book Dr. West encourages us as women to take control of our own bodies, and learn how to make the best decisions for ourselves. I literally had to fight my insurance company, and finally had change my carrier, because I was determine that no on other doctor would perform my surgery! Dr. West is a gifted and skillful doctor, a man selected by God, and I am so grateful that he has answered the call on his life, for indeed he has been called for such a time as this. . . . .

T. Crumpton

Atlanta, GA

I was initially told that I had fibroids after having my son six years ago. At that time they were small and did not cause any serious problems. However, over the years the once small fibroids began to grow and become extremely bothersome. I was always bleeding to the point that I became extremely anemic and developed a heart murmur. When I decided to find a doctor I was told time after time that surgery was the best option, however, the surgery would probably result in a hysterectomy because my fibroid had gotten so large. But I continued to pray and research for myself. I truly believe that God led me to Dr. West's website one night because I was about to give in to a doctor that told me she would try not to do a hysterectomy (that just didn't feel right in my heart but I wanted relief from the constant bleeding). After reading through Dr. West's website I knew that I had found my answer. My husband and I flew to NYC Feb.11, 2010 the surgery was performed on Feb. 12, 2010 and we returned home on Feb. 14, 2010. I have had a great recovery and never required strong (prescription strength) pain meds. I feel great having had the surgery. More than that I feel blessed having had Dr. West as my surgeon. He was patient with me and all my questions and has made himself avaiable throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a skilled doctor who truly has your best interest in mind, you don't have to look any further. Dr. West is experienced, confident that a hysterectomy is not needed, and professional. I am happy to speak with any one who has questions about Dr. West or the procedure. Email me

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