New York, NY

If you hit this website, you are lucky; Dr. West is the best! I was diagnosed with fibroids, and many of them…more specifically 28cm x 25cm x 11cm. And imagine, at the time of the diagnosis, I was pregnant! At first, I was desperate because the chances of having a miscarriage was incredibly high, and my doctor did not help at all, since she seemed to know very little about it. Therefore, I started doing some research on my own, and the only true expert I encountered was Dr. West. I met him at the beginning of my fourth month and he told me that, based on his extensive knowledge, the baby would make it. Instead, my previous doctor had told me that as my pregnancy would advance, the chances of losing the baby would be even higher. Imagine my psychological state! However, after having gone to a real expert, all my fears (well, most of them) disappeared. Dr. West is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also very kind, and that constellation seems very rare. If you are pregnant and have fibroids make sure you have the accurate information based on your single case. It is crucial. At least it was for me, since with so many fibroids most doctors would say that there is almost no chance the baby will survive. Without Dr. West’s diagnosis and prognosis I would have gone through an ordeal instead of enjoying the pregnancy all the way and stay very strong psychologically. Dr. West had also predicted that the baby would be born full- term and she did! We will owe him forever. Miracles still exist, believe in them!

Pamela Finn, RN


Hello! I already posted a long testimonial. I had my mymectomy in the summer of 2006 and have not had ONE problem! Dr. West is the BEST! A very skilled surgeon. As an RN I researched all of my options thoroughly...that you can be sure of! Dr. West's surgical technique is incredible. He will remove your fibroid tumors without even having you sign a consent for a hysterectomy! How is that for confident? Closes with surgical "glue" and you have a very fine line scar. Feel free to email with any questions: Don't put it off...I suffered a whole year with discomfort needlessly before deciding to fly to NYC and have the surgery done. You will feel so good that you had the myomectomy and kept your uterus. Women do not need to have a hysterectomy unless it is cancer! It was put there for a reason. Kind regards! Pam :^).

Patricia Pierozzi

New York, N.Y.

On May 12, 2009, Dr. West performed my myomectomy. I was diagnosed in September 2006, by a female gynecologist, she told me I had cancer, fibroids, an ovarian cyst, among other things. She and her colleagues pressured me into a total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH), they used scare tactics, insisting that was my only solution. As an R.N., I knew of the other treatments for my disorders. With no biopsy or oncology consult (illegal), she scheduled me for the TAH the following week. I asked her to at least do the biosy, she agreed to do it before the surgery. I never went back to her, I went to an excellent gynecologist who did the necessary biopsy, he found no cancer, just fibroids. He gave me my options. I searched for a physician with the expertise in treating large fibroids. I am very lucky to have found Dr. West, he is an expert in his field. The nurse who did my pre-surgical labs, had a myomectomy with Dr. West a few years ago, she said that he's the best in his field. It wasn't difficult to find patients willing to share their experience with me. I am four weeks post op, my incision is healing well, he used glue instead of sutures to reduce scarring. I can wear a bikini this summer! He found no ovarian cyst, or any other disease, everything looked good! I am grateful to him, he is knowledgeable, always available to answer my questions, taking the time to explain. His bedside manner is calming and reassuring. Dr. West is a pioneer in his field, protecting a woman's right to choose. I've learned through my research that the U.S. performs three times as many hysterectomy's as any other country in the world! With all the advances in medicine, why remove an organ without disease? Women need to educate themselves, so they can't be exploited anymore. Without the knowledge they are not giving informed consent. I highly recommend Dr. West.

Donna Pryce

New York, NY/Bayonne, NJ

Plain and simple, I LOVE DR. WEST!! On 4/15/09 Dr. West saved my uterus for the second time. Like most of his other patients, I too saw many other doctors whose sole recommendations was a hysterectomy. I found these doctors to be cold, unfeeling and unsympathetic to my desire to keep my body as whole as God made it, as well as preserve my fertility chances. Some of the most callous comments made by other doctors were "you have the uterus that ate NYC" and "oh, I'm now too advanced in my career to do any surgeries that require longer than 1 or 2 hrs." Thank God Dr. West is such a gifted surgeon as well as an excellent doctor with a genuine desire to help women. Both of my myomectomies with Dr. West (December, 2001 and April, 2009) were done at St. Vincent's Hospital with the best surgical team and wonderful end results! I have, and will continue to, recommend everyone I talk to - see Dr. West because you can't find a better surgeon. Dr. West, thank you once again for freeing me from pain and restoring my quality of life. I am forever grateful. nformed consent. I highly recommend Dr. West.

Becky Hill

New Smyrna Beach, FL

Seven years ago at age 32, I was diagnosed with multiple fibroid tumors. I had a hysterscopic (vaginal) myomectomy to remove two tumors that had recently caused heavy bleeding. I decided to monitor the remaining tumors as they were not causing any significant problems. The remaining fibroids remained stable in size for the next 6 years and symptoms were managable. Over the next year, I started having a few more problems and scheduled an appointment between my normal every 6 month ultrasound/exam. I was told that my uterus was the size of a 5 month pregnanacy because of the fibroids and that kidney damage was an possibility. I was told that I needed an hysterectomy, myomectomy would very difficult and only considered if I wanted to have children. My doctor seemed shocked that I wanted time to research more options and I would not schedule surgery right away. An additional appointment with him to discuss my concerns with hysterectomy was met with attitude. After speaking with other women who underwent hysterectomy, I did a lot of research because I just could not get comfortable with the idea of the surgery. I came across Dr. West's book and ordered it. In the meantime, I read some statistics on the American College of Obstetrician and Gynocologist's own web site regaring the side effects from hysterectomy and that was the tipping point. The quality of life issues can be tremendous and I was not comfortable with the 30-50% statistics. I emailed Dr. West prior to receiving his book. He was in contact within 24 hours. He answered all of my questions in detail and was very easy to communicate with. No attitude, no ego, just a very kind, concerned doctor which is very rare these days. I was more confident in speaking with him for 30 minutes than I had been with multiple doctors (including "specialists") over the years. I scheduled for the next available surgery date. Dr. West's book arrived the next day, I read it straight through and when finished breathed a huge sigh of relief. It further confirmed this was the surgery for me and Dr. West was absolutely the right surgeon to perform it. I firmly believe that confidence in the surgery and the surgeon is a big part of the recovery process. Dr. West and his staff were always available for any questions or concerns that came up prior to surgery. I met him the day before surgery for my exam. He is incredibly compassionate and his presence is very calming and reassuring. I knew I was in the best hands possible. I have never had major surgery or stayed in a hospital, so of course I was nervous. Dr. West removed 19 tumors and I can honestly say recovery was not difficult. There was some discomfort at times the first few days, but not anything unmanageable. My recovery at home was very easy and I found that I immediately had more energy than I have had in a long time. I felt great and had to remind myself to take it easy. My swelling went down quickly and my stomach is flatter than it had been in years. I am 5 weeks post-op and my scar is already fading. If I fall in the small percentage of women that have new tumor growth requiring an additional surgery, I would not hesitate to have another myomectomy. I am not sure that I can say enough about how wonderful Dr. West is not only on a personal level, but as a surgeon. In my extensive research, I believe that he has perfected the procedure far beyond most if not all surgeons. We are all lucky that Dr. West chose to be such a pioneer for women. I am very greatful to him for taking the time necessary to make me feel comfortable and for taking such good care of me. nformed consent. I highly recommend Dr. West.

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