Dear Dr. West I'm not one to keep in touch with anyone and it seems like time goes by so quickly. Believe me when I say, "I think of you everyday". It's true, I do. I appreciate what you've given me, my good health and better quality of life. My periods are like I remember them when I was 13-15 years old or so. Five days total, two days average to heavy and three days very light. When I say "heavy" I don't mean the same as the "heavy" I had when I had fibroids. That kind of heavy was ten times worse. I have more energy, my lower back feel ten times better and my overall health seems much better. I really appreciate what you've given me. I want you to know Dr. West that not a day goes by that I do not think of you and about what a nice person you are. I swear you will always be in my prayers and thought because my health means so much to me and you cared enough to improve my life. I will keep in touch with you but maybe not as often as I would like to. I love you Dr. West because of the person that you are. You will be in my thoughts and with me the rest of my life. Truly with love, Lynn

Ms. G


As you read this short message you will remember meeting me on the morning of Tuesday January 23, 2001at St. Vincent Hospital when Ms. Karen (my daughter) was about to go into surgery. When I was introduced to you by my daughter I no longer had any fears because I knew you were the expert in this type of situation. I just wanted to thank you so kindly for taking such good care of my daughter in the most crucial time of our lives. Thank you again Ms. G



Dear Dr. West With this note I would like to convey my sincerest thanks as well as share some feelings and impressions I am left with. What you have done for me is nothing short of miraculous. You are forever on a pedestal in the sky. What I appreciate the most, firstly, naturally is that 'you gave me my life back' - I believe as others did, that I soon would have bled to death. Secondly, that no-nonsense cut through the trivia approach you chose to employ from the very beginning showed me the level of satisfaction, expertise and unshakable confidence you had in your ability to help me. My husband knows all to well how inquisitive and cautious I am when choosing a physician . Your impressive display of certificates on your office wall which covered every inch from east to west and floor to ceiling took the backseat to the manner and style of communication you employed that left both my husband and I with a long overdue feeling of hopefulness and security. When you left the office for a few minutes that day both of us immediately expressed a sigh of relief to finally have found someone in whom we can put our trust. The whole first visit with you was an experience!!! After my sonogram was done you returned and took the time to make me a diagram of my uterus, the tumors, their approximate size and location, taking us through every step explaining which tumor was responsible for my precarious predicament. You also informed me that you suspected my colon was fused to my uterus and that when you open me up that you would not be surprised to discover more repair work had to be done. You also reassured me that you would be able to separate them safely and emphatically assured me that no number of tumors found will influence or alter your confidence in removing all and every small or large growth you find and in addition to that you casually and confidently let me know that you will also repair anything what so ever amiss in there. WOW - I could not believe my ears, that meant no more bone grinding pain, no more hemorrhaging, no more anemia, nausea, fainting, fear, etc, etc and most importantly no hysterectomy. As if that was not enough to make any woman in my situation jump for joy you added that evidence of the incision would be minimal if not hard to find. Visions of a friend who had similar surgery haunted me for quite some time. When she showed me her scar I was horrified, she was permanently disfigured. So you see Dr. West - your words were music to my ears. Especially those that said "I leave no scars" over and over again - and so I am writing this to you just five weeks after surgery, my incision while still in the process of healing - already looks like a thin razor cut or pencil line. How you managed to do that is truly amazing. Not the slightest indentation seems to be visible when I examine my muscular area as well. I can't find where your surgical start and stop points were - no matter whichever direction I pull or press the tissue as I stand in front of the mirror or even when lying down. To me that is a miracle and you have given me more than I ever hoped for. For that both I and my happy husband who is looking forward to my full recovery, thank you from our hearts. The other part is still slowly healing and you did say the colon would take some time to grow the nerves back - that was created by my last procedure. Thank you immensely for correcting it so I can look forward to days when I'll no longer be chained to the bathroom. With heartfelt thanks Your biggest fan, Regina



I HAVE THE BEST DOCTOR ANYONE COULD ASK FOR. Dear Dr. West: I'm ready to go back to work, and so I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your wonderful care. Thanks for your expertise, your patience, your determination, and your caring bedside manner. Most of all thanks for being the kind of doctor a patient can trust and respect completely. May god be with you always. See you in November