Susan Kreimer

New York

Dear Dr. West: Almost five years ago, at age 30, doctors told me that I had a large pelvic mass and scared me into thinking it could be cancerous. I refused to undergo exploratory surgery. All along it seemed fairly certain the mass was a fibroid, yet gynecologists continued to push for a hysterectomy. Most made highly insensitive remarks. One female doctor said ?how awful it was to be young, unmarried and to have something like this.? It wasn?t until I met you, Dr. West, in early July 2006 that my whole life changed. You impressed me immediately with your confidence, competence and compassion. You guaranteed a myomectomy no matter what lurked inside; no fibroid was beyond your capabilities. Before departing your office, I scheduled the surgery for the earliest available date ? August 16. Your upbeat attitude had such a positive effect on me. For once after a doctor?s visit, I left filled with overwhelming enthusiasm, not paralyzing depression and fear. The surgery lasted more than four hours followed by only two nights in the hospital. My gigantic fibroid was gone, my uterus was intact, and my figure was back to normal. The only reminder was a neat bikini incision that has healed nicely. I could not have asked for a better outcome. If it weren?t for you, I would have ended up with a hysterectomy and limited prospects of getting married and raising a family. Thank you, Dr. West, for using your unparalleled surgical expertise to end my suffering and greatly improve the quality of my life for decades to come. As a medical reporter, I admire the talent and dedication that it takes to become a first-rate surgeon. What you do in a matter of hours means so much to so many. You are the epitome of what a doctor should be. Warmest Wishes, Susan Kreimer .


New York

This is a long overdue THANK YOU to Dr. West and his entire team - office and surgical for their compassion and professionalism for what turned out to be my third myomectomy for fibroid removal in April, 2005. As many of the other posts indicate, it's like being given back one's life. Struggling with the effects of fibroids is a debilitating, sometimes embarrassingly chronic need to always be not too far from a restroom. I left the hospital the day following the operation, actually went sightseeing (albeit slowly) the same day at a street fair near St. Vincent?s Hospital for a few minutes, and continued regularly walking as Dr. West advised when I arrived home. Thank you Dr. West, many of us feel God's direction in meeting with you and your staff. DB

Donna Anderson

Glenn Dale, Maryland

It has been 7 days since I had a myomectomy and I feel like I should continue to pinch myself to confirm that my experience is really this good. I was up the same day and my healing is so positive - I simply can't believe it - but they told me that's how it would be and it is the TRUTH. There are angels on this earth and Dr. West and his team - they are them! Dr. West, no doubt has the gift of healing and what appears to me like magical hands, combined with genius humility and humor to boot. I was diagnoised with fibroids two years ago and was totally against surgery of any kind as my first approach. I believe in natural remedies though not at the expense of conventional treatments. So, I began my own journey of learning as much as possible about the condition and the various treatments available. What bothered me the most, was the cavalier attitudes, even though some were well intended, of the doctors I met with. All except one recommended hysterectomy and that one had the bed side manner of a piece of cardboard. Even if the surgeon was competent, I needed to connect to be able to talk and be heard. And I realized how you feel about your doctor and how you relate is just as important as his/her skill and expertise. Well, there are no mistakes, no coincidences. in August I discovered Dr. West's web site and was so excited about what I saw. To top that off, I called the office and Sonya and Liz were so friendly, so kind - just wonderful AND Dr. West returned my call within the hour. What I experienced continues to amaze me - a genius who can relate. Someone who is patient enough to answer all your questions and quiet your fears without making you feel less then. I will say this and stop - because I could literally go on and on about Dr. West. Gifted, Gifted, skilled, compassionate, professional, thorough and I would say - you will not regret it. I will post again - but this early in the game I can tell already. I will continue on this most wonderful journery of healing and will be forever greatful. Thank you so much. The medical industry could use more doctors like you and people like Liz and Sonya! Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!



I met Dr. West today and I was very impressed. He spent over a hour explaining everything to me in detail. Who does that?? No one. He is amazing I really really like him. I feel like I am going to be ok and fibroids will be gone forever very soon. Two weeks ago I saw another doc who if given the chance was going to literally butcher me. Two weeks ago I was crying and couldnt eat after meeting my surgeon. I feel so good I cant sleep tonight too excited. I will post again!! Thanks Dr. West!!

Georgiana Holder


Dr. West is the best! If you want a doctor who is considerate, experienced, caring, and passionate about his work- then Dr. West is the right doctor for you. I was so glad when I typed the word fibroid in my search engine and Dr. West's website appeared. His website was so clear and simply, it answered most of my questions about fibroids. I was also impressed by the reputable testimonials of his previous clients. When I met Dr. West he was able to give me answers about my fibroid that my previous doctor could not give me. Even without doing a sonogram, Dr. West was able to tell me the type, position and size of my fibroid. After our meeting, I was so calm and confident about the entire surgical procedure, knowing that all would go well. My operation was in August, and I had the best doctor and surgical team working on me. The operation was successful. The hospital staff members at St. Vincent were friendly and helpful. I was able to leave the hospital within 48 hours of my surgery. Within two weeks, I was able to resume most of my regular activities. I was able to take long walks, climb stairs, and go out to dinner. On Labor Day, I even went to the beach. Of course I did not go in the water; I just sat by the boardwalk and enjoyed the day. Dr. West recommended and encouraged me to get out of bed and move around as much as possible. My family and friends were amazed of how I?ve recovered so quickly. I even returned to work earlier than expected. I can credit my speedy recovery to my faith in God?s healing power, the skillfulness of Dr. West and the love from my family and friends. I thank God that the surgery was successful and I thank God for Dr. West. Dr. West is truly the best and I highly recommend him. Tip: Read his book the Hysterectomy Hoax, especially the pages on what to expect before, during and after surgery. Also bring a disposable camera with you on the day of surgery. Believe me; I was amazed to see the size of the fibroid that was removed from my body. If I didn't see the pictures, I would not have believed. Yours truly, Georgiana

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