B. James


Dear Doctor West, I am taking this opportunity to thank you and your office staff for being so warm and cooperative in assisting me while preparing for my surgery in August 2003 (I was traveling from St. Croix; therefore, all preparations were made via fax or telephone). When I first contacted you through email I was suprised by your prompt reply. It was at that moment I knew that I was guided in the right direction. In the summer of 2002 a gynocologist at home scheduled me for a hysterectomy; he indicated that my uterus was enlarged as if I was 5 1/2 months pregnant; therefore, I did not have any options. Nonetheless, I was not satisfied with his prognosis. So, I changed gynocologists in order to get a second opinion. My attending gyn was interested in preserving my fertility because I was 36 years old and did not have any children. Therefore, he recommended that I should have the Unterine Embolization done first to shrink the fibroids which would minimize the risks involved in having a myomectomy. Nonetheless, a friend of the family was surfing the net and accidentally stumbled upon Dr. West's website and encouraged me to have a look at the pictures. In the meantime I tried various herbal remedies and accupuncture treatments. The accupuncture treatments relieved my lower back pain. However, my fibroids didn't go away. So after visiting the website, the rest is history. My surgery was done on August 13, 2004. About 25 fibroids were removed and the surgery lasted for 5 1/2 hours. The first few weeks of recovery were difficult; however, I was able to return to my students, feeling well, in 8 weeks. My story has a miraculas ending that wasn't planned. Two months after my recovery I became pregnant. I was terified, but test results indicated that my cervix was competent. So, I contacted Dr. West who, once again, reassured me that every thing would be okay. I am now the mother of a beautiful and energetic 2 year old. I have recommended several of my Virgin Island sisters with similiar issues to Dr. West. However, I thought I needed to share my story because the decision to have a hysterectomy is so common in my community and if I didn't seek a second opinion, I would not be able to have my daughter. Dr. West, I trust that the Lord will continue to bless you in giving my fellow sisters another option. Love, B. J

Natalia Xiomara


It's amazing how we take so much for granted, including our health. I can only say that I thank God for letting my path cross with Dr. Wests' because I was certainly headed towards physical destruction. On July 25, 2006, just twelve days after my 41st birthday, Dr. West successfully removed 18 fibroid tumors from my uterus, the largest weighing in at 30 lbs.! The total weight of all 18 fibroids was around 45 lbs. I am a slender 5'8" woman who wears a size 4, just to give you a picture of my physique and just the thought of having my stomach so protruded that I looked like I was nine months pregnant! Everywhere I went, people asked me if I was pregnant and it became very depressing that I didn't want to go out in public. I tried every remedy there was, homeopathic, changing my diet and nothing worked to shrink the fibroids. All of the doctors I had seen over the years told me that I would have to have a hysterectomy. I told them that I wanted to have children and I refused to let them remove my uterus. So, my fibroids continued to grow as I continued to avoid a hysterectomy. They grew so large that they were resting on all of my vital organs, liver, intestines, bladder; I had major digestive problems, swelling of the feet, vericose veins in my legs, bloated feeling after each meal and mental depression from watching my body deteriorate slowly. Dr. West has given me something that all of the money in the world cannot buy and that's saving my life! I cannot thank you enough Dr. West. I truly hope that women out there who are suffering as I have suffered can find you before they give in to a hysterectomy. Thank you a million times over Dr. West!! May God bless you eternally!!

Irene G.

New York

It?s been four weeks since I had a myomectomy performed by Dr. West and I can?t recommend him highly enough. I am a 50-year-old who had fibroids for quite awhile; most of the time they never bothered me. But then recently one of my fibroids grew so large that it went through ?cystic degeneration? (outgrew its own blood supply), which caused a great deal of intense pain. I needed to have them removed and I chose to get a myomectomy. I did not want to get a hysterectomy because I believe it is important to keep your uterus and ovaries if at all possible. After reading Dr. West?s book and meeting with him prior to my surgery, I was convinced that Dr. West was the doctor for me. He carefully answered all my questions before the procedure, and his enormous experience and skill gave me a great deal of confidence before the surgery. Most importantly, Dr. West shows a lot of compassion and care for his patients, which is in rare supply these days. Dr. West also gave me excellent advice after the surgery and taught me to get the right amount of exercise so that I could heal as rapidly as possible. I am feeling better everyday, and my friends are amazed at how active I am. Dr. West?s assistants, Lynne and Sondra, are also very caring and helpful. Thanks to Dr. West and your wonderful staff. I will always be grateful for everything you?ve done for me and for everyone else that you?ve helped!

Pamela Finn, RN

Conifer, CO

Dr. West- I am now back home in Colorado, resting comfortably in very little pain and working away on the computer only 4 days post-op! I flew back home only two days after surgery! I would like to thank you for your kind , caring ways. You immediately made my husband and I feel calm and comfortable in your abilities as a surgeon as we flew in and met you only one day prior to surgery. I immediately felt that you cared about me as a person and my wishes for a myomectomy fact you GUARANTEED IT! I was not required to sign for a hysterectomy if "all did not go well". You were confident in your abilities as a surgeon and it was so wonderful that I did not have to wonder if I would wake up without my organs. What a horrible feeling to have to wonder what you will wake up with. I am sore of course, but feeling better every day. I could not believe that I felt so good I asked to be discharged the day after surgery and you said yes! My husband and I thank you for allowing me to keep my uterus by doing a myomectomy as I wished. It is very sad to say that it took my flying to NYC and meeting you to get the surgery that I wanted. There is something terribly wrong with that. I had consulted with 3 different doctors out here in the Denver-Metro area and was beginning to feel that trying to "keep my parts" was hopeless.... The surgeons out here in Colorado wanted to do what was best and technically easiest for them, not me and even tried some "scare tactics" and threatening to get me to have a hysterectomy. They told me that I was, "tying the hands of my surgeon" by not consenting to a TAH/BSO. One surgeon said if I was his wife he would "take everything out so I would never need to have surgery again", another said that I had too much scar tissue from past myomectomies and it would be best to "take everything out" for whom?? Not me! I am so glad I listened to my gut and refused to have a hysterectomy. Unfortunately I suffered needlessly in pain since last October trying every homeopathic remedy I could find including a change in diet , Neprinol, Acupuncture etc. Then I researched on the Internet and found you! What a godsend! Your explanation of how and why you do the procedure the way you do made absolute perfect sense and it is a shame that more surgeons are not doing the same exact procedure trying to preserve a woman's organs which have been documented to provide hormones throughout a woman's life. These organs are in our bodies for a reason and not just for "childbearing". If men had to have their "male organs" removed because they were "over 40" or had "all the children they needed" trust me....there would be a lot less hysterectomies! I actually said to my male GYN surgeon whom I have known for over 15 years "how would you feel if you had your testicles removed because of a benign tumor... you don't need those anymore...after have 10 children!" He grew very quiet and I finally think he understood exactly how I felt. I can't believe I said that, but I was fighting to keep "my parts"! He said he would be willing to try to do a myomectomy, but could not guarantee it. He said that there "may not be enough uterus left to put back together." I was not satisfied with that answer. I wish surgeons would be more open and willing to learn Dr. West's surgical technique which is quite different from the normal way of performing myomectomies. Maybe it is not as much of a money maker for surgeons or perhaps they have to fight the insurance companies as to why they did not do a hysterectomy. It is my feeling that Insurance companies play a large role in all of these unnecessary hysterectomies. I would like to know if I could sell your book, The "Hysterectomy Hoax", in my little store in the mountains to help educate women that they play an important role in the decision making of what happens to their bodies. After all....we are the ones that have to live with our decisions, not the surgeons aren't we? I definitely plan on "spreading the word"! I wish you always the best that life has to offer. I look forward to many years without the pain and discomfort from uterine fibroids! Thank you for removing all of the scar tissue from past surgeries. I feel like I have a fresh start. My scar is a very thin line right now. I will definitely stay in touch with you! My husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If you should ever come out to Colorado with your family let us know! Sincerely, Pamela Finn, RN, Critical Care/Trauma

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