S. Bachner

New York

I would like to add my voice and many thanks, as yet another of Dr. West?s highly grateful and happy patients. I had had fibroids for several years, and had finally decided to have them removed. The largest one was on the outside of, but right on top of the uterus, and was about 5 or 6 inches wide. My GYN had said she could remove them whenever I was ready. But after she looked at my most recent ultrasound, she decided that a hysterectomy was ?strongly indicated?, because of the large fibroid. I told her I definitely did not want a hysterectomy at all, and she said that she would make every effort to only remove the fibroids, but that she could not guarantee this. I had terrible visions that I would wake up after the surgery, with her standing there, telling me she was so sorry, but she had to do the hysterectomy. I went to another doctor for a second opinion. He told me he had done many myectomies, and felt confident he could do one for me; no need for a hysterectomy. I thought this was great, except for the fact that he said that beforehand, he would need me to take a drug called Lupron for six months, which he said he used to shrink large fibroids. He told me not to look Lupron up on the Internet, as I would just ?scare myself?. I did look it up, and apparently it had a lot of difficult symptoms attached to it. Around that time, I found Dr. West?s website. I e-mailed him and asked him his opinion of Lupron. He wrote back that it was terrible for this kind of surgery, since it turns the hard fibroid matter to the consistency of jello, making it much more difficult to remove. He said it was just as easy for him to remove a large fibroid, anyway. I then read Dr. West?s book, ?The Hysterectomy Hoax? which was incredibly helpful. Fortunately around this time I got a new job, with different insurance, and was able to make an appointment to see Dr. West. The first consultation I had with him was a great relief, and I knew immediately that he was the right doctor. He was very patient, answering all my questions about this condition, and every aspect of the surgery. He told me he would absolutely not do a hysterectomy, and that there was no need for one. His intelligence and confidence was matched by his obvious kindness, compassion, and sense of humor. I was still pretty nervous before the procedure, since I had never had any kind of surgery before. But everything went very smoothly. After the surgery, there was indeed very little discomfort. My stay in the hospital overnight was very comfortable. The nurses, who were all great, kept commenting on the fact that Dr. West?s patients always do so much better and recover so much more quickly than patients of other doctors who have the same surgery. Dr. West released me from the hospital the day after the surgery, and I had a pretty easy recovery at home. I even went to a baseball game less than a week after the surgery! If you are contemplating a myomectomy, I would strongly recommend that you go to Dr. West. Thank you again, Dr. West, for your insight, kindness, skill, and dedication!

Penny Boivin

Phoenix, Arizona

I had fibroids when my son who was a breech presentation was born by C-section in 1988. The fibroids in the birth canal were blocking normal delivery. By the time I had them removed by Dr. West in June of 1998, my uterus was the size of a woman in her fifth month of pregnancy. There were signs that my fibroids had gotten so large they would have affected my bladder. So they absolutely needed to come out when they did. Before talking to Dr. West, I looked into the myomectomy procedure in Phoenix of my home state of Arizona. The best they were offering was an outpatient only laproscopic procedure. In May 1998 when I was evaluated by Dr. West in his office, I discovered that that procedure would have been positively dangerous for me to undertake, as he correctly saw just how large my fibroids had become. They were about to interfere with my bladder! The day after surgery, I was doing Chi Gung in the hallway. I was feeling that good! Thank you, Dr. West. You not only preserved my uterus, you saved my life!

T White

New York City

I had my first visit with Dr. Stanley West on Monday, Sept. 19. What a breath of Fresh air he is!! He is very nice and very confident in his work. And that made me feel confident. He explained to me the "History of Fibroids" and he also explained the whole procedure of the Myomectomy. He guaranteed me that it would not revert to a hysterectomy. Dr. West will be doing my myomectomy this coming November. I was diagnosed with Fibroids earlier this year during an emergency room visit. When I went to my GYN, she wanted to put me on hormones just to control the bleeding. When I mentioned Myomectomy, she looked at me like I had ten heads and just dismissed the idea. When I left her office I felt discouraged and hopeless. I got on the internet and searched Fibroids and Myomectomy. Dr. West's name came up quite a few times. The more I read about him, the more I liked. So I made my appointment with him. Best thing I ever did! After meeting with him, I left his office feeling hopeful and good about the upcoming surgery. I also read his book, "The Hysterectomy Hoax". I couldn't put it down. It should be required reading for ALL WOMEN and not just those of us with Fibroids. God bless you, Dr. West!!

Oneka Temple

Albany, New York

My name is Oneka Temple. I am a 34 year old African American woman. Dr. West performed my Myomectomy the 26th of April, 2005. Like many women I have suffered with fibroids for too long! We all know about the pain shooting up and down the leg, the zillions of Advil and Always products consumed, non existent sex life, etc. The good news is that there is a wonderful person, Dr. Stanley West, at the end of the rainbow holding the new you with a totally healed body and the beginning of more energy and excitement than you've had in years! Alongside Dr. West are two of the most competent and compassionate office managers, lifesavers you will ever meet, Lisa and Sandra! The best, best, part about the myomectomy, for me, has been the extremely light periods. I have gone from wearing overnight pads daily all day to 5 days tops for a very light cycle. The funny thing is there are no indicators! No headaches, nausea, or extreme back pain, just, a light flow:) If you are currently struggling with fibroids, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the procedure. The Hysterectomy Hoax will answer many questions and possibly calm some fears:) Meeting Dr. West will surely answer any and all questions you have ever had about fibroids!!!! Best of luck!



First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Stanley West for greatly improving the quality of my life. I would also like to thank the women who shared their testimonials on this web site. Knowledge is power. They have helped me enormously in my quest for answers and invaluable information. My myomectomy was performed on June 29, 2005, and it has relieved a myriad of debilitating symptoms. I feel fantastic! Any woman seeking advice on whether to undergo a myomectomy who is undecided--please call Dr. West. After the initial phone call with him, I intuitively knew he was definitely the right doctor for me. Patience, compassion, incredible kindness are just a few words to describe this exceptional man. Best of luck to all on their journey towards renewed health. We absolutely need more medical professionals like Dr. Stanley West in this world. I am forever grateful.

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