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Catherine Kentuha


Dear Dr. West. I do not know how I can thank you for saving my life. I have not felt this good in years. Every month I feel like a brand new woman. Thanks once again for taking me under your wings and making me feel great. In my culture, we give cows as gifts but I know that it's impossible here. So, I will be sending you something from Uganda as a smalll token of my appreciation. Actually, everyone in my family thanks you a zillion times. Thanks once again. You're my hero. Catherine Kentuha

Lara Cook

Ashburn, VA

Dear Dr. West, How do you begin to thank someone who has given you a new lease on life? Someone who has opened the door to parenthood when you thought it was forever closed? Someone who has made you feel so healthy and energized after years of pain and a pregnancy sized abdomen? After just three weeks post-surgery, I feel incredible! Not only is the outcome just as you promised, but the surgery process was something I've never experienced with medical treatment. Your care and compassion were apparent every time you talked with either Dave or me. You were so patient in taking the time to answer all of our questions. The care at the hospital was also excellent, and the obvious respect of the hospital staff for you was a real testament to your work. I am so grateful for finding your website and discovering your book. It has changed my life. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in expanding options and improving health care for women. For that, I will be eternally grateful. Most Sincerely, Lara Cook

Shirley Yeldell


Research lead me to meet Dr. West concerning my health issues; on our very first visit his staff was professional in everyway. He explained to me all of my options and assured me that regardless of the option chosen to improve my health the surgery would be successful and I would experience no pain. Doctor of The Year in our book is Dr. Stanley T. West of New York. He made sure that my husband was included in every important decision concerning my health and at the same time made he me feel like a queen and my husband feel like a king. Dr. West is a # 1 doctor when it comes to understanding the reproductive system of women. All appointments were made and kept within two weeks; this included my pretest screening and surgery. He encouraged me to be pro active concerning my health. He is a number one doctor who cares about the whole person. Well on June 1, 2005, Wednesday morning I had major surgery and was able to move from the bed to the bathroom with a little assistance by Wednesday night and no pain. On Thursday morning all of my tubes had been removed and I was able to bath and dress myself without any assistance. By 10:00 AM on Thursday morning I was able to take a fifteen-minute walk per hour through the hallways of the hospital and felt great all day. I was discharged from the hospital on Friday morning by 10:00 AM and returned home to NJ by train with my husband. Once home I thought climbing my stairway of twelve steps was going to be a real challenge but it was a very easy thing to do. Dr. West, we are proud to say you are my doctor!! Shirley, 06-5-05



"I am very thankful I met Dr. Stanley West. I highly recommend his book "The Hysterectomy Hoax". I was supposed to have a myomectomy in January with a different Dr. and cancelled the day before the surgery. Something didn't feel right and I was scared. The Dr. wasn't sure how he was going to close me up and I had to sign an authorization for a hysterectomy. I went thru so much for 5 months with various blood tests trying to find out what was wrong. My anemia levels had fallen to 4.9 and 11 to 18 was normal. It didn't matter how many iron supplements I took I couldn't keep up with the blood I was losing. I went for a 2nd opinion with Dr. West. He drew a drawing of what was happening with my body and my fibroids. Unfortunately the other Dr.'s had put me on Saisonale for 3 months as well as Depot-Lupron for 2 months to stop my period altogether. Depot-Lupron is a horrible drug. I would not recommend it to anyone. The side effects were terrible. It caused me to have mood swings, hot flashes and sharp pains. To top matters off, I'm a flight attendant which affected my iron and anemia as well as we don't receive enough oxygen on the airplane. My sister's doctor in Long Island referred me to Dr. West, which was nothing short of a miracle. He was very kind to me. He said let's talk about your fibroids so you don't have to see any more doctors. We need to make sure you know all you need to know. He also explained to me that if I don't do anything about it, one day I'll be laying in a pool of blood. My period's had gotten so bad that I could barely do my job on the plane. Even with tampons and pads my bleeding was out of control. He also helped me by scheduling the surgery 2 months away and being thoughtful to tell me let's wait and see as I hadn't had a period for 2 months because of the Depot-Lupron. I thought maybe my periods would get better which unfortunately I thought every month. He was patient with me and extremely kind and said don't put your head too far into the sand. Sure enough 1 month later my peiod came and I could barely leave the house for 2 days. So I called his office and rescheduled the surgery for the earliest date he had possible. When I met him before the surgery we went over everything. I didn't realize till I read his book that I might have another condition called Adenomyosis. All of the other books I've read did not have this condition in it. He was very thoughtful to come and see me before the surgery making me feel comfortable and told me a funny story which made me smile. I really liked the fact that he recommended I bring a disposable camera with flash for pictures of the fibroids removed during surgery. I couldn't believe the pictures of my fibroids after I saw them. My surgery was harder for him because of the Depot-Lupron which changed the shape of my fibroids because it caused 3 of them to degenerate and be mushy and hard to remove. The other 3 came out fine. Next he found Adenomyosis in my uterus wall which he removed. My surgery lasted for about 2hours and 55 min. and I had a successful Myomectomy. As hard as it was for me to accept the fact that I had to have the surgery, finding Dr. West was a gift from God. I'm sure had I had the surgery in January I would have ended up with a hysterectomy due to my Adenomyosis. It is a very different condition which is harder to remove and caused me to vomit before my period which I always attributed to airline food. As hesitant as I was before the surgery I tried accupuncture, herbs and everything I could and nothing worked. I want to say how grateful I am to Dr. Stanley West. He is a very skilled surgeon. I am very thankful for his thoughtfulness, expertise, knowledge and his gentle way. I'm thankful to have found him and wanted to express my heart to him and his kind staff. You've all been wonderful to me. Thank you again for everything". Sincerely, Julie, 6/2/2005

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