Tucson, AZ

After reading all the testimonials I wish I could have Dr. West perform my surgery, unfortunately I am in the military and we don't get a choice. I want to thank Dr. West for this web site. I was able to walk in to the doctor's office well informed and was able to make an informed decision as to what surgical procedure I would be having. I have not had the surgery as of yet but thak you all for your testimonials, I'm not so afraid to go through this now.

JoAnne Wilson

New York

Dearest Dr. West, you have restored my faith in humanity. A man of his word. How could you be so sure? I walked into your office just prepared to hear the worst, take it or leave it solution to my fibroid condition. I was bleeding 10 days a month , wearing the customary (super sized/ winged / taped /overnight /sleepover twice/ depend style / extra long as a magic carpet sanitary pads with a super plus parachute suction tampon) look. I wouldn?t dare sit down for more than a half hour before alternating the changing of one or the other for fear of yet another ?oh NO moment?. I stayed at home once a month with a heating pad and a bag of ice. The heating pad for the cramps and the ice chip were to satisfy the savage cravings for the frost?????????? I still haven?t figured that part out yet, but these cravings were fierce. You also let me know just how anemic I was in the first five minute. Well not anymore. Today for the record I?m having a 4-day cycle with a super tampon and a thong liner! No more ice cravings, I feel like a human being again, I have my sanity back and you?ve also done wonders for my self-esteem. The experience of meeting you was nothing short of an encounter with an Angel of sorts, (and we all know who sends those). That is what they do right?.......... just what you do. First, they tell you not to be afraid. Second, they tell you that they understand your situation, they have seen this before. Then they tell you that regardless of what you?ve heard before, this situation is going to change for the better. ?Everything is going to be just fine? were your words after the ten sketches of the female womb, from 5 different angles, that you so patiently drew for me to explain the procedure in detail. Sign here under ?No Hysterectomy?. Well a ? hour pre-screening, two hours of surgery, two days in the hospital, 20 get well cards, 10 get well bouquets, 400 incoming how do you feel calls and one small bikini line incision, are all but fleeting memories now ..............10 weeks later. But what I do remember is YOU! You are the most wonderful, caring, gifted, talented, beautiful, strangely haunting Doctor I have ever had in my life. At first we thought it was the residual effects of the anesthesia that had the world in this kind of rose colored haze, but no. We can?t stop talking about you, the lives you change and YOUR GIFT that you share with all of us. The hope and peace of mind that you bring to so many. Thank you for taking such good care of us. Yes us, my sister Avery is back to work as well after the same procedure just six weeks ago and planning to give me my first niece or nephew immediately. We love you Dr. West and we will hold you forever dear, you can add two more lifetime cheerleaders on your team. :-)Thank you. JoAnne 3-8-2005

Kelli Greene

Old Bridge, NJ

Dr. Knight & Shinning Armor is what I like to call Dr. Stanley West. He is my hero and I will always be in his debt. Dr. West restored my faith in physicians. Not only should Dr. West retrain all the surgeons on how to perform a Myomectomy, but also retrain them on bedside manor as well. I was referred to Dr. West though a homeopathic physician who raved about him and I thought he was too good to be true. I set up an appointment and met Dr. West. I prayed to God that Dr. West was everything I needed him to be and I said in my prayer that if he does not put me on Lupron or any other drug, that I would choose him to do my surgery. Doctor West was very kind, understanding and most of all clear on not putting me on any drugs. He took time with me to answer all of my questions regarding Fibroids, my condition and procedure, simple enough for even me to understand. I had seen 7 physicians before Dr. Stanley West, and none of them explain Fibroids to me, none of them explained the procedure other than I would be put on Lupron, have the surgery and I would be out commission for a while and oh by the way they might have to do a hysterectomy. Dr. West stated over and over again that there is no reason for a hysterectomy, he would not perform a hysterectomy and not only that I would not be in any pain during or after the procedure. And my God was he not telling the truth. Finally a doctor that practices what he preaches!!! Two weeks later meeting Dr. West, he performed the surgery on 5/4/2005. Dr. West also said that I would be walking if not that night the next morning and I could sleep on my stomach, drive and I would not be in any pain. All true. I started walking 2 hours after I was in my hospital room, the next night I slept on my stomach and I was not in any pain. The nurses kept asking me if I needed any pain medication and I kept asking them what pain??? Friends and family who came to see me over the next couple of days were amazed at how I did not look like I just had surgery. And I didn?t feel like I had surgery either. Oh yes my walking pace was slower but each day I was walking faster and faster. God had me wait until I was ready to accept the fact that I needed surgery before he brought me to Dr. West. As long as I have a voice I will continue to praise and talking about Dr. West. And hopefully with everyone?s help we can re-write the medical books on Women, Hysterectomy & Myomectomy. So now you know why I call Dr. West my Knight & Shinning Armor. Forever in your debt Dr. West, Kelli.

Lisa Cimino

Newtown, PA

Dr. West, what I am about to write is going to sound all so very familiar to you! I just hope that more and more women find your website and do their homework just as I did. You are as wonderful in person as I portrayed you to be in my mind as I read your book! I was diagnoised in Dec 2004 with a fibroid tumor. The Doctor I had seen only one time, put me on hormones for five days to stop the bleeding. Two days after I finished the meds, it started all over again. When I called him back to tell him, his answer was,"Lets wait it out for two months and if your bleeding has not stopped, we will do a Total Hysterectomy". My immediate thought was, that is not acceptable!! Two weeks later, I saw my sister's OBGYN. She spent over an hour with me. She told me I should think about a Hysteroscopy. Right before I left her office, she told me that she was leaving the practice within the next two weeks. I wished she had informed me in the beginning of my visit. She built up my confidence, only to let me down. I cried all the way home. I felt alone, did not know where to turn. By the time I got home I had decided that this is the night that I start doing my homework. And that is exactly what I did. I researched at least a dozen websites on fibroids, until I found Manhattan Fibroid Assoc. I immediatly bought your book. I could not put it down! Called your office, had an appointment within a week or so. I just can not describe how I felt meeting you for the first time. You are a gentle, kind, concerned Doctor for your patients. I can't tell you how much that means! It was a blessing in disguise that I found you! I mean that from the bottom of my heart! I had my surgery on February 23, 2005 and it is almost 6 weeks since my surgery. Today, I feel like a new person, and I have you to thank for that! I replied to a letter on your messageboard. Since I wrote that reply, a few people have e-mailed me asking all kinds of questions. I have only wonderful things to say, the most important suggestion I have for everyone who finds your website is to get your book and read it. It was a tremendous help to me. Thank you Dr. West, for helping me. May God Bless You. You are a beautiful person for all the good you do for women. I am very honored to have you in my life!!

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