Dear Dr. West Yesterday was two weeks since my surgery and I feel fantastic. I?m back at the gym (taking it easy of course) back running my business (part-time when I feel like it) and I cannot believe how alive I feel! There is simply no way to thank you adequately for what you have done for me. As I promised, I have purchased two more copies of your book and I?m sending them to the two physicians who told me hysterectomy was my only option. I hope to find the words to get them to open their minds. At least I can try. Most of all I want to thank you for your warmth and kindness. You made me trust you and you did not betray that trust. You delivered on everything you promised. You are what doctors used to be. I pray that others will follow in your footsteps. What you have done for me is so very sweet. So I am sending you some special ?sweets? made here in California. Please share them with your handsome sons and loving family! With warmest wishes and deepest thanks, Jill

Nancy Sharkey

Boca Raton, FL

I was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor in 1993. I did alot of reading & research to educate myself & saw several specialists for their opinions. From most, a hysterectomy was reccommended. I felt that I was tooo young at the time being only 37 yrs old. I tried many alternative health treatments to try to shrink or stop the growth of the tumor, all were unsuccessful. The tumor was rapidly growing. It was either coincidence or a blessing from above, that I was told about Dr. Stanley West who was being interviewed by Katie Couric on TV one night so,I watched it & read his book, The Hysterectomy Hoax. I had also been in touch with the HERS Foundation in Washington, DC. I learned of the statistics of long term affects of having a hysterectomy at my age, cardiovascular disease, etc. later in life. There were other doctors who knew of the myomectomy procedure, but were not confident in doing one on me. Upon my first visit to Dr. West's office, I was outraged to wait so long before being seen, however, once in his office, I understood why the delay. As I spoke with him, it was as though my health, my feelings, my uterus etc. were the only things that he was concerned with. I felt that I could have stayed all day asking questions and get thorough explanations with the utmost of patience in return. After several tests and a few more meetings, on June 16th,1994, I had Dr. West perform the myomectomy for me. It was his great confidence and genuine concern for my well being that made me so comfortable with the decision to have the procedure done. His treatment and manner, seeing me after surgery, calling me, caring for me, made me much more at ease with my recovery as well. Everything happened just as he explained it would. He will always be a man for whom I have the utmost of respect and I will continue to highly reccommend him. It is unfortunate that it is so difficult to find a medical professional these days who is willing to do only at what is best for the patient without getting all caught up with the business end or insurance end of his practice. It is now ten years later and I am 47, I currently live in South Florida and have been recently diagnosed with what looks like a tiny fibroid. My hormone levels are much different than they were 10 yrs ago, so maybe this one will not be so aggressive, however, I would not hesitate to be on the next flight out to see Dr. West if need be! I hope this will encourage anyone considering going under Dr. West's care, to go with confidence.It was certainly one of the best decisions I've made in my life.-Nancy,Boca Raton,FL 09/09/04



Dear Dr. West - Sometimes there are strangers who change our lifes forever with their kindness, their skill, their caring. This you did for me, this you do for women every single day; freeing us of pain, giving us a choice, allowing us to leave this world with all of the organs we were born with. For years I ignored my fibroids because of fear. I knew something was wrong but was afraid to find out. Then when anema forced me to the doctor I was told coldly and abruptly that at 49 I would need a complete hysterectomy. I felt the bottom fall out of my life. As I prepared to schedule the surgery a friend, an herbalist and accupuncturist, told me to read your book. Thank God. It changed my life forever. Now here I sit four days after my surgery, uterus fully in tact and I feel FANTASTIC! It's surreal. When you told me I would be able to fly across country 48 hours after my surgery and that I could go through the process with no pain medication I must admit I was skeptical. But, every single thing you said was 100 percent true. For other women who will read this let me just say that I still cannot belive that you removed approximately 18 pounds (of my 130 pound body weight) of fibroids from my body! You are an amazingly skilled surgeon, there is no doubt about that. But even more remarkable is your caring manor, your gentle touch - you are a true champion of women's health. That makes you a knight in shining armour in my book. As I fumble for the right words to thank you I guess all I can say is God bless you Dr. West. Your karmic path in this life will surely be rewarded. What you do day after day, week after week, year after year is a true miracle. I will tell as many women as I can about you. I will shout it from the mountain tops! You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. Many, many thanks, Jill

Mary Prlain

New York City

I was told 2 different things from 2 different doctors. One, a woman, was going to inject me with Lupron to send my already unstable body into premature menopause so I would have less estrogen. Less estrogen so my fibroids would shrink would be EASIER for her to remove. She also said I didn't need a sonogram. She said she would see them when I was under! She also said she had done approx. 2 myomectomies. The 2nd Dr, a man, said there were no gauarantees and I would have to sign a release allowing him to perform a hysterectomy. Both, NOT OPTIONS. Finding Dr.West was and IS the only option for a woman suffering from fibroids. Do not settle for less!!! Do not lose what makes you a woman because your Dr. can't handle the surgery required. EVER. Dr. West can and does handle everything with aplomb.



It has been a month (March 13) since my myomectomy, and I feel great! I just wanted to thank you, Dr. West for educating me on my condition, enabling me to make an informed decision about the best option for removing my fibroids. In light of the fact that you were the 5th doctor that I met, I was quite discouraged when I arrived at your office, not knowing what to expect. My visit began with meeting your very courteous staff, Lisa and Felicia, and ended with my finally being able to release my anxieties, allowing me to look forward to the surgery as this meant moving forward. I thank you for not saying after examining me "Wow, it's big", but rather assuring me that you were experienced enough in treating fibroids that large. In fact, you were the only doctor that advised me that there was more than one fibroid. I was impressed with the amount of time that you took in explaining to me exactly what a fibroid is, reviewing my sonogram with me, picture illustrations and most importantly assuring me that I would have my uterus at the end of the surgery. As you indicated, I felt fine upon my release from the hospital. I was walking around the hospital the night of my surgery. I did not have to use my morphine pump at all. I know that all of my prayers led me to your offices. Thank you also for your very candid discussions with me about diet. I have lost 20 pounds since the surgery and have been doing step aerobics and endless sit-ups and abdominal exercises. As I recover at home, I am grateful for the care that I received in the hands of a skilled surgeon and for this opportunity to focus exclusively on myself. I must admit that these trips to the mall have become quite costly. I continue to be an "ambassador" for the cause by sharing my experience with other women. Thanks again to you and your staff.

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