New Hampshire

I wanted to write to share with you the blessed news that my husband John and I have just had our first child. he was born on October 8th at Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire, where we now live. After two and a half years of trying for a baby and undergoing many fertility treatments, we finally had success with IVF. I wanted to thank you for being my doctor for the years that I was first diagnosed with endometriosis. I truly beleive that your expert care and the necessary uterine surgery that you performed contributed to my eventual success this year in being able to have a baby. Thank you for being a part of this miracle. With all good wishes and kind regards, Cristina



Dear Dr. West! I am forever grateful to you.



Dear Dr. West It's approaching my 1 year anniversary since you performed the myomectomy surgery on 6/25/98 - and I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job and making me feel relatively relaxed and very confident - although I was very nervous. In addition to you, I had saw another doctor but he did not have my complete confidence. He mentioned "hysterectomy" to me a few times and really made me afraid of having the myomectomy. I've mentioned your name and referred a number of people to you - not just because you're a great surgeon but also because you put me at ease. Please continue doing your great work and teaching others how to also do a great job. Also, please give my sincere thanks to Lisa. She is a great person to have assisting you and is very professional and helpful. Thanks again and I should be seeing you (for a check-up) in another month or two.



Dear Dr. West There is a card in your lobby that says, "sometimes one person can make all the difference in the world". I can find that to be so true. The quality of care you have given me has made me set a higher standard for all the physicians in my life. I will never settle for second best treatment from a doctor again because I know how great it feels to have the best possible doctor, a doctor I can trust, respect and talk to about any concern. Thank you for everything Sincerely, Ellen

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