Darlyce Franks-Washington


I am a woman over 40 years of age, and like other women I suffered from Fibroids and Endometriosis since I was 22. I had a myomectomy back in 2004 and to my surprise my fibroids returned within 4 months. My other Dr told me “Oh well it’s time to have a hysterectomy now!” I replied, I want a second opinion! Well, two more opinions later I received the same diagnosis. One day I was chatting with my girlfriend and shared my experiences with her. That is when she told me about the Messiah! Dr. Stanley West!!!!!! I have to say that he is the TRUTH! I had my surgery back in April and I am pain free, fibroid free, and my UTERUS is still in tack. He took pictures of the surgery and explained the process at my post-op visit. Now, I ask where else are you going to find that kind of care? Since then I have shared my experience with all my female friends and colleages, and my girlfriend just had her surgery on 10Jun8, and one of my colleagues is scheduled to have her surgery at the end of the month. I suggest, any and every woman dealing with any gyn problems call Dr Stanly West ASAP. It is not often that someone actually listens to women and understands their needs. Not only that he explains things so that you will understand it. He even drew me a picture to explain my process. When I left his office I felt confident that I made the right decision about my health. He has changed my life for the better! So much so that I even wrote to the Wendy Williams radio program and it was suggested that I even write Oprah, which I will be doing Thank you Dr. West

Linda Ruffin

Chanooga, TN

There have been very few challenges in my life with the distress, constant worry and preoccupation wrought by my ordeal with fibroids. I spent the better part of a decade enduring the regular intense pain and emotional toll my indecision produced. After resolving to deal proactively with my problem, I encountered Dr. Stanley Tyson West. Dr. West was God's answer to my prayers. Deeply religious, I unashamedly admit that I believe in the tangible result of an active fervent prayer life. Dr. West consulted with me, orginally unbeknowst to me my first cousin had been treated by him, and after making the decision to undergo his recommended surgery, I'm fully confident that my healing is complete and the suffering with fibroids have ended. Even for those of you who are not people of faith, please rest assured that Dr. West withstands the very critical scrutiny of the medical community. Alone among his peers, Dr. West's international reputation, results, manner, attentiveness and professionalism place him in a class all his own. Entrusting your care to him will bring peace, healing and relief.

Nadine Goody

New York

A few years ago I was diagnosed with having fibroids. I went to one doctor and he told me that I would have to have a hysterectomy. I had a second opinion and that Dr. also told me I would have to have a hysterectomy. I scheduled an appoinment to have the surgery, but one day I was on the train going to work and I ran into an old friend of mine. We started talking and the topic of fibroids came up. I told her my situation and she immediately gave me Dr. West's number. I called Dr. West that day, explained my situation and made an appointment to see him. He examined me and told me that my fibroids were very big and that I had many but assured me that I would not have to have a hysterectomy but that he would perform a myomectomy. I immediately called the other doctor and cancelled my appointment to have the hysterectomy. I also told Dr. West that I have several friends that have had the myomectomyand that they were all in alot of pain after, so I wanted to make sure he had my pain medicine ready. Dr. West assured me that I would not be in any pain and that he would not prescribe pain medicine. Well that made me a little nervous. To make a long story shorter, after the surgery, I had absolutely no pain at all. I walked out of the hospital the next day feeling fine. When my friends came by to see me, they couldn't believe I had just had surgery the day before. Dr. West is wonderful. He makes you feel so comfortable he explains in detail everything he will do to you. It has been a few years now and I have not had any problems at all. I recommend Dr. West to everyone.

K Clare

Manhattan New York

I elected to keep my uterus and ovaries albeit the ghastly explanation my life long OBGYN doctor of 17 years presented to me. I was told ?my best option was to have a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy to alleviate my back pain; to prevent kidney damage, stop heavy bleeding and future ovarian cancer?. With such presentation any woman would easily comply and say yes to such an option. I was devastated and wept while I was being told and ask about other options such as Embolization since this was the only procedure I was aware of. This was also offered but with an explanation that not all of the fibroids would go away. I was briefly told about Myomectomy but with the understanding that electing this procedure would result my body into menopause immediately with many complications. Once again the best option proposed was a total abdominal hysterectomy even though I?m still at child bearing age. I was sent for a sonogram to determine whether any kidney damage had occurred since the pain was localized in that area of my back During the sonogram I cried uncontrollable that the technician inquired. After my explanation of my doctor?s proposed option she told me about Dr. Stanley West who had surgically removed her fibroids and kept her uterus and ovaries intact. I made an appointment the next day and had an evaluation. Dr West explained how he would remove the fibroids without performing a hysterectomy. He gave a careful detailed explanation along with illustrations of what the myomectomy procedure consist of, preparing for the surgery, recovery time, and end results. I have never met a doctor who is so detailed, patient and compassionate. In addition I was offered a copy of this book for further reading, understanding and self education on myomectomy and the overall female reproductive anatomy. I elected to have the myomectomy procedure and it was performed on 11/ 27/2007. Surgery went perfect, no complications, and no blood transfusions were required. During the surgery Dr West identified I had a total of 15 fibroids; large ones, medium ones and small ones. The largest of the fibroids rested on my Bladder which explained my recurrent urinary incontinence. Dr West examined me the day after surgery to ensure all was well. The St Vincent?s Hospital staffs were very professional and kind. I had a 3 days hospital stay, a checkup within one week of surgery followed by two weeks. I recuperated and went back to work I no longer have the back pains while standing and sitting or exercising. My menstrual cycles are normal; I no longer have flood days. As I once referred to my periods as ?flood days?. Most exciting event of all was that my menstrual cycle commenced right on target the next month following my surgery, exactly 28 days. Menopause did not procure my body as I was told. During my recovery time I was visited by several of my friends and was stunned to have learned that several of my friends have had hysterectomy. They revealed this since they all assumed I had a hysterectomy as well. They also expressed the sad changes that occurred in their lives after the hysterectomy. A few had their hysterectomy completed based on the decision from the same physician who several of us utilized since the birth of our children. One would think that a decision coming from someone that you have established such long term relationship, close ties and trust would be trustworthy. This is very evident that women need to communicate more with each other about female issues. Obviously we also need to seek out multiple medical opinions. Additionally, during my recovery I also learned that many women do not know what a myomectomy is. Only the suffix of the word is heard and their interpretation was hysterectomy. This is because hysterectomy is the ?Sales Pitch? that doctors use continuously to procure their patient?s uterus and ovaries. Additionally, the Medical Insurance Institutions are more willing to pay full cost at a higher price for Hysterectomies than Myomectomies. Having a hysterectomy for the insurance companies signifies no more women issues to create a plethora of medical expenses. My comments here on the insurance issues are based on first hand experience. Ladies always remember Life is about having options and this is what all women should have. We make decision on child birth so we should have options whether to remove or keep our female reproductive system that is responsible for bearing our children, allowing us to enjoy life pleasures and defining us. Always seek out the best doctor. Although Myomectomy procedures are becoming more common and more doctors are now performing this surgery, I also learned from a small sampling of female friends who had myomectomies, that they also had some complication during their surgery. Thirty percent [3/10] of the women reported that during their surgery blood transfusion was warranted. This is where lack of experience plays a major role, thus it is also extremely important that you look at the doctor?s history and length of experience. Dr Stanley West is a pioneer who has been performing thousands of myomectomies procedures for several years so his expertise supersedes all. He listens to his patients and makes time for discussions. He always gives detailed explanations along with illustrations. Not only will you be a patient but you will become an informed consumer. His approach fosters an atmosphere where patients are not intimidated by the Doctor, thereby making it very easy for anyone to ask any questions. He is the most patient, modest, compassionate and intelligent medical professional I have ever met [I work in the medical field] you will feel at ease the moment you walk into his office where he and his great staff awaits you. Dr Stanley West is truly a blessing and I thank God for creating such a phenomenal human being. As for his book [The Hysterectomy Hoax] it is very informative, easy to understand, precise and very empowering. I recommend this book should be an apart of every woman?s library. If you have daughters let them know it?s in your library. Now the best for last, with the removal of my fibroids I have also lost inches from my stomach area, feel more energize, can exercise without pain and have lost 15 pounds within two months. Of course this took physical work and healthy eating but I have done all this in tandem before but had no success. You see Fibroids also hamper the weight loss process in addition to depraving women of many of life?s pleasures. Having a myomectomy ?Resolves? issues while a hysterectomy compounds issues. Myomectomy is your best treatment option. Pease feel free to ask me questions

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