Carlene Lawrence

Upstate N.Y.

Approximately 5 years ago I was diagnosed with fibroids. I spoke with several Doctors who didn't give me much hope and basically told me I needed to have a hysterectomy. I researched fibroids, bought books on the subject so I knew better. I knew there was hope for me I just needed to find the right Dr. I found Dr West while surfing the net, called his office and spoke with him directly. I made an appontment with him. Dr West explained everything to me, he took the time for me to ask any questions I needed answered. He was very confident in his skills. He basically guaranteed that I would not lose my uterus, what Dr. does that? He put my mind at such ease, that I didn't have any fears what so ever. I had my surgery on 10/16/07. Dr West removed 31 fibroids. I was on my feet and walking in the hospital the next day. Sometimes I actually forget that I just had major surgery, because I feel so good. I can not thank Dr. West enough for giving me my life back. If any one has any questions feel free to e-mail me.

Mike S

Queens NY

My wife Luisa has been ill for quite some time. Her primary doctor diagnosed her with fibroids and told her to go to her OBGYN. He had the bedside manner of a cardboard box and suggested a hysterectomey. We were against this and quickly abandoned him. Her primary doctor referred her to a good GYN, but he prescribed Lupron to shrink the fibroids and put off any surgery for 3 months. What we did not know was that Lupron turned the fibroids into a jelly like state, actually making them harder to remove and again setting us up for a hysterectomy. I had Googled fibroids and found Dr. West's website. After my wife spoke to the staff at the office, Dr.West called her and setup an exam. When we got to the office, I was overwhelmed with the experience. The staff was wonderful, and the patients waiting were a comforting source of what we had walked into. They counseled my wife and I felt an immediate sense of confidence and relief, that we finally found the right place. Dr. West calmly told us he could remove Luisa's fibroids, while leaving her uterus in tact. He told us he would take out all the fibroids, repair anything that needed fixing, and that he promised NO HYSTERECTOMY. Well, Luisa's surgery was today, and he kept that promise. When I left her tonight, she was feeling good, although a bit sore...he took out 10 fibroids, with a few of them larger than I was comfortable with. Dr. West is a kind and compassionte man, and his experience in this procedure is priceless. My woman has been so sick, and already after 12 hours she is feeling relief. If you are a woman and are goig through what mine did, I urge you to see Dr. West as soon as you can. If you are a man and your woman is going through this, get her to Dr. West and don't take NO for an answer. He is the best choice, without

Sylvia Chou

Edison, New Jersey

I was in the ER twice in a week before I met Dr. West. About 12 years ago, the doctor told me that I had several fibroids, two of them were as big as orange. I had some pain and heavy bleeding when I worked too much or in the winter time. Tried all different kinds of herbs and healing methods, massage, etc. you name it and nothing really worked. Until 2 years ago, the fibroids grew to 14 cm with more smaller fibroids. I started taking pain killers. At the beginning, I count, end up I took it like eating m&m until I passed out. The doctor told me that I should have a Histerectomy, I said no. He said than I should try Depot Shots. I did it for a year. One day, I couldn't take the pain anymore, I called my doctor again, he said I should go to the ER near by my house. After I came home the second time from ER, I got really scared and felt hopeless. I found Dr. West and went to see him. After a brife check (with my 22-page patient's profile faxed to his office before the appointment), he drew a picture of my uterus and explained how I got fibroids and why they cause severe pain and heavy bleeding during the period. Dr. West talks slow with simple and clear words. He told me " A myorectomy will solve the problem" and "You will be fine". I was sitting in front of his desk, staring at his face, looked into his eyes. He has the most beautiful eyes fulled with loving kindness. I cried and hugged him, he was smiling like a baby. I trust him. That was the first time I met Dr. West. On Aug. 1st. 2007, I woke up from the sergery, there was no pain. I walked to the bathroom by myself after an hour. The next day, Dr. West came to see me and told me that I can go home. On the safe side, I asked him to let me stay in the hospital for one more night. While the girl next to me in the hospital who had the same sergery at the same time, still had her IV hooded up, were complaining a lot of pain and said to her doctor " She (it was me) doesn't have any pain", her doctor quickly replied "Everyone is different" (I was thinking "Different doctor"), I got bored so I changed my clothes and sneaked downstair to have a cigarette. A security guard caught me with half cigarette on my hand outside of the hospital followed with two nurses. I was brought back upstair to my room. I forgot to ask Dr. West if they reported it to him. The food in St. Vincent's Hospital is not too good (eatable). I should have brought some snacks with me. I feel so healthy and be able to enjoy my life again.... yes, yes I should quit smoking... Dr. West didn't memtion that though....

Michele Jones


My name is Michele Jones. When Dr. West performed my myomectomy I was Michele Netta and lived in New Jersey. Thank God we found Dr. West! I had previously gone to three doctors who all told me that I needed a hysterectomy in order to remove my fibroid tumor. I was also told that because I was 48 yrs old, I was not going to have anymore children, so what did I need my uterus for! My soon to be husband was not accepting that, he knew there had to be another alternative. He researched and found Dr. West. We went to see Dr. West and he was so kind and gentle. He told us there was no reason for a hysterectomy, how most hysterectomies are totally unnecessary and instead of solving a problem can create another myriad of problems. He then explained the myomectomy procedure to us. I had my surgery on February 22, 1999. I am so thankful that we found Dr. West. I became his patient but because of the distance I am no longer seeing him. However, I want to add, that I have NOT found a Dr. I liked as much as Dr. West, and my husband and I have said on many occasions that maybe we should just take the trip up to New York for my checkups! Thank you again Dr. West!

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