North Florida

To begin, I would like to say Thank-you God and Thank-you Dr. West! This is my 7th week post surgery and I in no way have any regrets. 3 short months ago I found out that I had fibroids about the size of a 9 month uterus. Although I knew I had fibroids, the Dr. never mentioned any surgery. During this appointment, the Dr. recommended a hysterectomy. I was blown away because I am only 28, newly married and have NO Kids. The Dr. said that he would try to place me on Lupron to try to shrink the fibroids to attempt a myomectomy (but I could read in him that more than likely I would wake up after a hysterectomy.) The Dr. was so cold and nonchalant, I had to do something and fast. I began my search first talking with friends. After no luck, I searched the internet from the west coast to the east coast. I finally found Reproductive Medicine and spoke with Dr. West. After our initial conversation, I knew this was it. I could forsee the rainbow after the storm. Dr. West was very confident and informative. He explained everything of what was going on with me at that time, during surgery and post surgery. Just speaking to him gave me a sense of relief that I do in fact still have options. If you are looking for a Surgeon who is confident and can speak to you like you are a human being, please look no further. I must say the surgery was a success! I was up and walking around within 3 hours post surgery. After 48 hours, I was on a plane and back to Florida to fully recover. After my first 24 hours, I was feeling pretty good. I have returned to work, daily exercise and have lost 20 pounds in the process. Although the weight loss was a plus, the withdrawal of symptoms from the fibroids was truly my main concern. Just for laughs, I can now polish my toenails without my abdomen hurting. I would suggest that anyone reading for answers to remember that in more than most cases, you always have options. You may have to do a little footwork or handwork to find it, if you are not happy with a decision a Dr. may have given you always go and get a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinion. My husband and I are thankful that we were led to Dr. West's website. We are excited that we have a chance for a family.

Linda Congdon RN

Preston, CT

If you are visiting Dr. West's site and reading these testimonials because you are seeking the solution for your fibroid issues that "feels right", you have come to the right place! No matter your age, if your life is being negatively impacted by the presence of uterine fibroids, Dr. West is your best resource. I was diagnosed with fibroids two and a half years ago although, in hindsight, I probably had them for many years but just thought that lengthy periods with heavy flow and clots were "normal" for me. My Naturopath successfully helped my symptoms to improve and, since I was almost 51 at the time, the thought was that I would "ride it out " and with menopause, the fibroid would shrink and cease to be an issue. However, the fibroid(s) continued to grow, I continued to have monthly periods and other fibroid related issues and my quality of life was being negatively impacted. I consulted with 2 OB/GYNs who offered a myomectomy but clearly felt there were too many risks and were not in favor of anything but a hysterectomy. Both would require that I sign a consent to allow a hysterectomy "if necessary" and be treated pre-operatively with Lupron for 2 months. My research continued to support my intuition that this was not a path I was at all comfortable with. More time on the web researching finally lead me here. After reading this site and reviewing the first few pages of The Hysterectomy Hoax on Amazon I knew that I needed to meet with Dr. West. Within 7days I had an appointment for a consult and have not looked back since. On March 28, 2007, Dr. West removed 6 fibroids in a three hour surgery and about 27 hours later I was ready to be discharged and returned to my home 120 miles away. Two days later I was able to attend the wedding of a good friend's daughter and two weeks after surgery I resumed working out at the gym. I do not think there are enough superlatives to describe Dr. West. He is in a league of his own with his attitude, knowledge and surgical expertise and he shares his talents with patients in a most compassionate and genuine manner. He truly understands the impacts the choices women have to make can have on their futures. This journey for me has been so very positive thanks first and foremost to Dr. West and to Lynne, Sandra and all the professionals who cared for me at St. Vincent's hospital. Thank you. If I can be of help to anyone on their "fibroid journey" please contact me at


New York

I was diagnosed with fibroids several years ago. Since my fibroids where quite large and numerous I met with 3 doctors to discuss my options - Dr. West was the only one who guaranteed that I would not need a hysterectomy. Dr. West explained the condition,surgery and recovery time. His years of experience and charming bed side manner gave me the confidence to proceed. The surgery was very successful - I was back on my feet cautiously within 36 hours of the surgery. I was back to work in 2.5 weeks! It was a miracle and I am so thankful that God lead us to Dr. West. I recommend him all the time to friends and strangers who are suffering with fibroids.

Beatrice E. Kisala

Hackensack, NJ 07601

In 1989, I was 29 years old when my gyn suggested a hysterectomy. My girl-friend told me about Dr. West and because I was having so much pain I didn't believe that any doctor could fix my problem. Two days before the hysterectomy, I visited Dr. West on Park avenue... and I now have a 8 year old son. Dr. West was and still is my angel. Beatrice.

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