Oxon Hill, Maryland

The testimonials on this site give me the courage to have my Myomectomy on March 8, 2007. My surgery was almost a piece of cake I was out of the hospital in 48hrs up and walking around. I am so happy that I research and made the right decision for me! I just cant wait to have my frist child. Thanks so much for this site and all of your testimonials.

Alison B

New York

I have spent the last couple of months reading all of the testimonials on this website and through the grace of God and Dr. West, I now have the honor and pleasure to be able to write my own. This has been quite a journey. I was first diagnosed with fibroids in 2000 at the age of 28. I attempted to shrink them on my own using natural remedies off and on over the years and it worked for a while but I was not consistent with it. By 2006, my fibroids had grown so large that when I went for my yearly ultrasound, the tech told me that I had a seven pound baby in there and that I had to have it removed. I met with my doctor who told me that I could have a myomectomy but explained to me that there could be excessive bleeding which could result in a hysterectomy. I couldn't imagine having surgery and waking up to the doctor telling me that they had to perform an emergency hysterectomy. That was not an option for me. I am single with no children and I was determined to save my uterus. I immediately contacted a holistic m.d. that a friend of mine told me about and he told me that I needed surgery. I thought to myself what kind of holistic doctor is this??? He explained to me that Dr. West had the skills to perform this surgery without complication and that he would allow him to perform surgery on his own wife. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. West and later cancelled the appointment. Three months later I finally made another appointment. I brought someone with me whose opinion I trusted. When I walked into the office and seen all the pictures of babies on the wall, I knew that I was in the right place. While meeting with Dr. West, I couldn't believe how he looked me straight in the eyes and so matter of factly explained EVERYTHING to me. He was very confident in his skills and told me exactly what he was going to do. I have never had a doctor speak to me the way Dr. West did. I had my surgery on 2/21/2007 and everything went exactly the way he said it would. After the surgery I had a lot of visitors and they could not believe that I had just had surgery a few hours before. The day after surgery, my friend and I were dancing in the hospital hallway (modified of course!!). Thank you Dr. West!!!!!!!! You truly saved my life!!!!!!!! I would also like to thank Sandy Dennis for sharing her experience with me and answering all my questions prior to surgery!!!!

Merdene Dunmore

Brooklyn, NY

I am priveleged to be able to share my testimony with you today. If it had not been for the devine intervention that lead me to Dr. West, I would not be able to say these words. Like so many women I have struggled with severe health issues due to enlarged uterine fibroids. Over the past three years I had been to 5 OB/GYN specialist for treatments. Unfortunately my condition grew worse as these doctors basically tried to treat my symptoms instead of the condition. Due to the severe loss of blood every month I began to suffer with chronic anemia and fatigue. I was told by 4 of the 5 doctors that I needed to have a hysterectomy. They tried to convince me that because I was in my forties I would be going through menopause in a few years and it wouldn't make a difference. But it made a big difference to me. I had recently been married and was unable to have children due to the size and location of the fibroids. I wanted the opportunity to at least try to conceive. Finally, things got so bad that I was scheduled for emergency surgery on Valentine's day 2007. I cried and prayed every day leading up to the date, how could I live with such a final decision? Miraculously, the day before the surgery a friend called me with great news. She had found Dr. West's web site and his book the 'Hysterectomy Hoax'. After I read his web site and saw the pictures and testimonials I was convinced he was the answer to my prayers. I was able to meet Dr. West and schedule surgery for a myomectomy within 24hours. The surgery was successful, I was up and walking the next day and went home in 48 hours. The greatest blessing for me is that the pain and suffering for all those years is over, and my uterus is still completely intact!! Thank God for Dr. Stanley T. West.

Len Smith

Largo, Maryland

I am just so glad that I found this link and was able to read some of the testimonials of other women because I am having surgery in two weeks, and I have never been so miserable in my life, the weight gain, swollen feet, bloating. So thanks ladies for sharing, I had no one here to talk to about what I am experiencing, and reading each and every one of your testimonials helped me realize that there are other women out there that have felt like me. I will update later after surgery.

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