New Jersey

At age 37 1/2 I had my surgery on 12-19-06. I am 2 months post surgery and I feel wonderful! Like most woman with fibroids I had the classic symptoms, excessive bleeding which caused me to be anemic. I am single and I do not have children, and it was important to me to preserve my fertility, as I still hope to have a child. I previously had my egg quality tested and found out that was just fine. But I just knew, as as Dr. West confirmed, future conception would have been slim to none. Turns out I had 2 fibroids, one measuring at 19 weeks sitting smack dead in the center of my uterus. I actually found Dr. West on the internet and I am so glad I took the time to research fibroids and specialist in the field. My family jokes that I always want the best and when it comes to your body, we as women should only go for the best. The best is Dr. West!!!!! What Dr. will talk to you over the phone for 40 minutes and tell you to call at anytime? I never received that type of treatment from any doctor, gynecologist or otherwise. These days your lucky if the physician can give you more than 15 minutes. My sister had gone with me to my consultant and she was amazed that a Doctor would take the time to be so thorough. Surgery went well and uneventful. He removed my 2 fibroids and following his instructions, that night I made sure I walked the halls and went to the restroom. I could of left the hospital the next day, but I choose to stay for 2. I am just that cautious type of person. By the time I left I was walking the halls constantly, I even took 20 minutes standing up curling my hair in the bathroom. One week later, I was driving and doing everything else, a few weeks later my uterus was back to being "petite." What a blessing to have a Doctor as competent and compassionate as Dr. West! I feel better than ever and still hopefully that I will have a child in the near future!

Lauren Knight


I am 24 years old and my doctor found my fibroid tumor in June 2005 when he did my surgery for endometriosis. The tumor was small then, but in August of 2006 I found out I was pregnant. I still had the tumor because he said that it wouldn't grow that fast and I believed him. He was the doctor so I had no reason to second guess him. Well I bled the entire time I was pregnant and he told me it was because the tumor was pushing on other things making me bleed. In December 2006, I was 21 weeks pregnant and lost my son because of the fibroid tumor. So I then started doing more and more research and found that the fibroids grow rapidly during pregnancy. I had the tumor removed two weeks ago on February 13, 2007. My advice to any woman who has these tumors and wants to get pregnant, have it removed. Your chance of losing a baby is very great with these tumors. I know from experience and hope that no one has to go through that pain. If your doctor says that it won't grow that fast don't believe them especially if you are trying to get pregnant.

Sandy Dennis

New York

My surgery was on January 17th. Dr. West removed 25 fibroids from my uterus. The biggest one being a 20 week fibroid. The night of surgery I was sitting up in bed cross legged. I was walking the halls of the hospital that night at 2am. I went home the very next day after surgery. Usually it is a two to three day hospital stay. My experience has been amazing. I knew I was in good hands when I met him. Even when I went for my pre op testing the nurse told me that Dr. West did her myomectomy seven years ago and she had hardly any pain back then. My story is an interesting one. I went to my gyno who referred me to an RE. This RE said he had to take out the20 week fibroid with a horizontal cut and could only take out one fibroid. He said I would be scarred after the surgery and the only way I could conceive was IVF. I would also have to sign a waiver for a hysterectomy. I decided to get a second opinion. Dr West was very confident and told me he has seen me many times and will see me again. He was very kind and gentle. He was very confident. Dr. West said he will remove all my fibroids with a bikini cut incision. I knew he was the one. I scheduled my surgery. I had to see my gyno for a Pap test. He said ohh so you are going for IVF and when is your myomectomy surgery. I said I got a second opinion. I am going with someone else. He got very angry and he was very unprofessional. He said there is no way anyone can remove a fibroid that big from a bikini cut. He was very angry. I was so upset. I cried in my car. Dr. West said if you can remove an eight pound baby from a C section why can't you take a fibroid out. The good news is everything Dr. West promised was delivered. I had a bikini cut incision. It is so neat I am truly impressed. I had all my fibroids removed. I feel better as each day passes. I have not been on any medication after the surgery. NONE. I would recommend Dr. West to any woman who would like to keep their uterus. If anyone has any questions at all. Please feel free to email me at However, I now have a huge problem. After Dr. West. How the heck am I going to find any doctor who is like him? He has raised the bar.


New York City

My name is LaVerne and Dr. West performed my operation on Dec 22, 2006. Let me start by saying that there are not too many gyn doctors that you don't feel when being examined. I was referred to Dr. West and from my first meeting, I was truly impressed. From the explanation of my personal diagnoses to resolving my medical situation. Most importantly, a doctor that could respect and adhere to my religious beliefs as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and the matter of "No Blood" Transfusion during or after the surgery. I knew that if I was going to have this operation, Dr. West was the one to perform the operation. Everything Dr. West told me to expect after the operation, was truly the case. I didn't have to take a pain killer after I left the hospital nor when I returned home. Once I got home, stairs, light chores and getting around was not even an issue. I was even able to stand along time and cook a meal a few times a day. I'm a 40 year old woman and I feel as good as new.

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